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Here in this web page you will always keep in touch with me and Daniela in “real time” along our trip and experience through photo, video, audio and also text!

A DARY OF A TRIP! My, wheelchair, diaries!!


Cuba is stored, it is time to move on again!
I’m still a “sitting” since my last adventure-project in Cuba.
Lazy will say?
Probably! Ahahah…
…In these two years become worse in stability and balance, in hearing, view, etc. . I could make a list ahahah!
But “I feel like I still have some ammunition to shoot“, that is, let me try to convey something else...
But how I will?
I like travel, so, let’s “rolling” again,
and where?
If you don’t start somewhere, don’t we start and do you live“,
The Viet Nam and   and not only …

I would like to focus this time, not so much on the image of the disabled in wheelchairs that can do everything, but on diversity in general and so differences opportunities that diversity create!

To help me do this project in Viet Nam there is my friend. Daniela Sala, a journalist who works in Rome. Daniela, decided to take a work permit, to follow me and make a sort of travel diary of the days spent together, which will create a travel article: “Traveling with disabled different guy, through history, culture and landscape of a country that never gave up.”

In Viet Nam, I, disabled person full of probl differences, will be a resource for my friend, and she, with hers, for me. Together we will affront this experience that will leave something both secure! hopefully in you too!
View differences of people as resources and not as faults is what I believe and I would convey


Rolling Viet Nam. The journey continues


Rolling Cuba!

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1300 km trails, 14-day trip, 35 hours between buses and cars, 6 houses Particular, 1 wheelchair and one commander, me and my FreeWheel!  Habana-Santiago de Cuba archived!