Here I am!

My name is Federico Villa, a nice “sitting”! Born in New York in 1986 and raised in Italy, in Brianza, I suffer from Friedreich’s ataxia, a neuro-degenerative disease that progresses every year; I have been using a wheelchair for 12 years and the disease does not show signs of stopping: new year, new problem.

I am extremely curious and this is the engine that drives me every day, curious to see the changes and how I react to them … I summarize? New problem, new adventure! As long as I can …

I like to call myself a “Sitting Blogger”, I love talking about sharing and discussing disability with people, whether they are disabled or not, through my adventures and my social media.

This year my challenge will be “Rolling Canada“, the fourth long journey after Rolling Cuba, Vietnam and Argentina, and the beginning of a new documentary project.

Traveling for me has always been a way to change our point of view and to tackle social and disability issues in a different way.

I believe these trips are an opportunity to share information on technical and technological resources with other wheelchair users that can help us overcome architectural barriers and help improve these technologies.

I would like to tell not so much the story of a disabled person who “if he wants can do everything” (broadly treated and in part questionable), but the diversity in general or, better still, the differences that everyone has and the potential that flows from it, looking to the differences of people as resources and not as faults.

Not taking these trips as a holiday, but as a job, where I feel the moral obligation to bring forward the concepts related to the disability that I discover in the first person.

On the return from one of my travels I try to transfer this through photographic exhibitions and videos, creating events and debates on all means of communication.

…so I thought I could turn a simple passion into something to be left to the next …
…Rolling Cuba, the first of many.
Havana, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Camaguey, Baracoa and Holguin.

1300 km covered, 14 days of travel, 35 hours between cars and buses, 6 “particular houses”, 1 wheelchair and one commander: me! The desire to see such a different reality joined the desire to prove to myself that I could do such a thing in a wheelchair alone despite fears and difficulties, also due to the disease I suffer from: Fredreich’s Ataxia.“My travel at the end is a metaphor, I have the conviction that life is made of choices, we must find the courage to undertake them to face our daily challenges”.

I learned that in life there are obstacles, and some will never move, so we must learn to go around and move on.

This then is not the truth, it’s just my story …

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The important is to continue to "Roll"!